Pressbooks is simple book production software that makes it easy to write, develop, and share your ideas. You can use Pressbooks to publish open educational resources, textbooks, scholarly monographs, fiction and non-fiction books, white papers, syllabi, and more.

Pressbooks lets creators quickly publish their content to the web and produce exports in multiple formats, including accessible EPUBs and PDFs specially designed for print-on-demand or digital distribution.

Pressbooks’ suite of products are used by hundreds of educational institutions and thousands of individual authors and publishers around the world. Contact us to learn more about how you or your institution can get started with Pressbooks.

Alternative Pressbook Publishing Options

The Rebus Community  provides Pressbooks access to its members who want to produce an open textbook that will be released with an open-copyright licence (CC BY). This includes faculty and staff from all post-secondary institutions. 

Joining the Rebus Community is simple and free, and just requires that you create an account on their website. 

Once that has been done, to request access to a Pressbooks account, fill out the Rebus Community Press – Request for Access form. The community also provides resources to assist in publishing.