Data Information that is collected first or second hand. Data are usually numerical, organized in charts and displayed by graphs. [1] (1) nȏkanwa
(2) akihtȃsȏwinah

Percentage of Cree speakers in Canadian Provinces [9]

Provinces Concentrations
Saskatchewan 27.8%
Alberta 24.0%
Manitoba 21.6%
Quebec 18.0%
Denominator The number below the line in a fraction that can state one of the following: the number of elements in a set or the number of equal parts into which the whole is divided. [1] nichi akihtāson
Difference The amount remaining after one quantity is subtracted from another. [1] iskonikīwin
Different Not alike in character or quality; distinct in nature; dissimilar. [6] pȋtos
Digit Any one of the ten numerals: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. [1] peyak akihtâson
digits “3”, “0” and “5” form the number “305”
Dime A small coin that is worth 10 cents. There are 10 dimes in a dollar. [4] mitahsonias
Distributive A property of real numbers that states that the product of the sum or difference of two numbers is the same as the sum or difference of their products. [1] (1) pēyakwan ayitaw

(2) ispȋhtawa-kȇyhtakwanwah

Division A mathematical operation involving two numbers that tells how many groups there are or how many are in each group. [1] pahpiskihc âyâwin
Dollar The main unit of money in many countries such as United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. [4] pēyakwāpisk
Domain The set of all possible input values for a function or relation. [4] itakisowina


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