Table (data, information) A systematic or orderly list of values, usually presented in rows and columns. [1] weyascikewnahtik
Tally A recording of the number of items in a set; used to keep track of data being counted; usually consists of strokes grouped in fives. [1] ka asatahk akihcikewin
Ten 10 mitâtaht
Tens (number) the place value located two places to the left of the decimal point in a number; shows how many tens are in a number. [1] mitātahtaw
Tenth 10th mwecimitâtaht
Third 3rd mwecinistwâw
Thirteen 13 nistosâp
Thirty 30 nistomitanaw
Thousand 1000 kihchi mitatahtomitanaw
Three 3 nisto
Triangle A polygon with three sides and three angles. [1] ē-nistowēyapiskāk
Twelve 12 nîsosâp
Twenty 20 nîstanaw
Two 2 nîso


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