We would like to acknowledge that we work and live on Treaty 4 and Treaty 6 territories, homeland of the Métis Nation. We give thanks to the original caretakers of this land, the Cree, Dakota, Nakota, Dene and Saulteaux people. As non-Indigenous librarians, we dedicate our work to directing people to the appropriate sources of information to help them understand the historical and ongoing harms that continue to occur on this land.   We acknowledge the privileges afforded to us as descendants of settlers of this land. It is due to these circumstances we have been able to become educated and employed professionals in the field of information. It has also enabled us to have the skill set to seek and attain funding for the project.


We would also like to thank several individuals who have supported our vision, both directly– through brainstorming, reviews, feedback and edits; and in spirit. Kind words of encouragement from friends can be crucial when embarking on a project whose goals appear quite lofty and abstract to most. We want to thank Katelyn Haskell in particular, who has been a firm believer in our work from the beginning, whose brilliant thoughts and ideas helped shape every sentence, chapter, and example, and who remained steadfast throughout many challenges. Thank you for sticking it out.


We gratefully acknowledge the financial grant from the Ministry of Education, Government of Saskatchewan that supported the development of this resource.

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