Clinical Faculty Responsibilities

The Clinical Faculty is a licensed nurse practitioner with extensive experience in both the clinical and academic setting. The Clinical Faculty role is two-fold, to support the preceptor and student and provide the final grade for the practice education experience based on review of learning plans, condition procedure database, and preceptor feedback forms. 

Clinical Faculty Responsibilities

The Clinical Faculty will:

  1. Share course objectives, student expectations, and course-related student performance indicators with preceptor via a course specific email.
  2. Approve student’s request for midterm and final evaluations with preceptor to discuss student’s progress.
  3. Provides the preceptor an orientation and access to instructional resources.
  4. Reviews and provides feedback to the student on all required practice education documents (i.e., development plan, eportfolio).
  5. Discuss with student’s any preceptor concerns or identified gaps.
  6. Develops and implements Student Practice Education Support Plan, as needed.
  7. Communicates to the Saskatchewan Polytechnic CNPP program head any clinical concerns. The program head reviews all clinical support plans and advises the Associate Dean Graduate Studies and Research, Faculty of Nursing of their implementation.
  8. Monitors Student Practice Education Support Plans. 
  9. Communicates with students throughout the practice education experience.
  10. Guides all student and preceptor discussions including the midterm evaluation using supporting documents (i.e., preceptor feedback form).  
  11. Provides the final grade for the practice education component of the course.


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