How do I help students integrate research/evidence into the practice education setting?

Evidence must be used to guide clinical decision-making. Care decisions are grounded in research, not opinion (Mathieson, Grande & Luker, 2018). The CNPP expects students to search several sources for data, results, and conclusions of valid, reputable studies. Diligent research on a particular patient presentation is good, however, it holds limited value until the findings are applied to clinical practice (Hagler et al., 2012). Evidence-informed care can be accomplished by ensuring the student:

    • Has thoroughly assessed the patient.
    • Can construct a clinical question derived from subjective and objective data.
    • Can find the best evidence through an appropriate and inclusive search.
    • Appraises the evidence for validity and usefulness.
    • Educates the patient while incorporating the evidence with clinical assurance and considers the patient’s needs.

Students should demonstrate the following while integrating evidence-informed research into practice:

    • Self-directed learning.
    • Use of appropriate evidence in clinical practice.
    • Establishment of a personal library of evidence-based practice resources.


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