20 Agriculture – General

Jennifer Baetz and Joe Test

Also see Botany, and soil related OER in the Geology chapter and the Sask Polytechnic research guide for agriculture and food production.
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Canadian System of Soil Classification by dsaurette (CC BY-NC)

This revised publication replaces The Canadian System of Soil Classification (second edition) published in 1987. The changes incorporated in this current publication are based on the work of the Soil Classification Working Group formerly of the Expert Committee on Soil Survey, and continued by the Land Resource Division of the former Centre for Land and Biological Resources Research, Ottawa, Ont. (1stEdition)-(2nd Edition)

Crop Improvement (CC BY-NC) by Walter Suza (Editor); Kendall Lamkey (Editor); Asheesh Singh; Teshale Mamo; Arti Singh; Jessica Barb; Shui-Zhang Fei; and Anthony A. Mahama

This book covers basic principles in the genetic improvement of crop plants. Emphasis is on methods of cultivar development in self-pollinating, cross-pollinating and asexually propagating crops. Relevant examples of crop improvement research in Africa are utilized to cover factors affecting cultivar release, multiplication, and distribution of high-quality seed.

History and Science of Cultivated Plants (CC BY-NC) by Sushma Naithani

This textbook narrates how humans transitioned from foragers to farmers and have arrived at present-day industrial agriculture-based civilization. It entails myths, historical accounts, and scientific concepts to describe how human efforts have shaped and produced easier to grow, larger, tastier, and more nutritious fruits, vegetables, and grains from wild plants. Using examples of various economically and socially important crops central to human civilization, the book describes the origin of crop plants, the evolution of agricultural practices, fundamental concepts of natural selection vs. domestication, experimental and methodical plant breeding, and plant biotechnology.

This chapter is adapted from Agriculture - General in OER by Discipline Directory by Edited by Lauri M. Aesoph and Josie Gray.


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