160 Construction

Last update: April 15/24


Basic Industrial Skills by Phillips, Stephanie(CC BY)

A course on basic industrial skills covering topics on Power Tools, Introduction to Construction Drawings, Basic Rigging, Basic Communication Skills, and Basic Employability Skills.


Sustainable Buildings Editor-in-Chief: Dr. David Goodfield (open access journal) 


Building Maintenance & Construction: Tools and Maintenance Tasks (Interactive) by Clifford Rutherford (CC BY)

This textbook introduces and develops knowledge of basic building maintenance tools and materials, applied skills and techniques, industry health and safety standards, and preventive maintenance and troubleshooting practices required by employers for entry-level positions in the building trades and facilities maintenance fields.

Construction Contracting: Business and Legal Principles – Second Edition by Stuart H. Bartholomew (CC BY-NC-SA)

This is an introduction to construction contracting as it applies to typical, everyday situations that explains “theoretical” ideas in terms of what really happens in practice. It emphasizes the more common case law holdings and industry customs that help avoid troublesome legal issues during the completion of a project.


Architecture & Construction: Heating & Plumbing (CC BY) by various

Videos developed by subject matter experts from the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS).

This chapter is adapted from Construction in OER by Discipline Directory by Edited by Lauri M. Aesoph and Josie Gray.


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