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H2O (Various CC, and other, licences)

H2O is a website that helps faculty authors make casebooks that are free, simple to modify, and easy to access and print. H2O is offered by the Harvard Law School Library, through its Library Innovation Lab.

Trademark: An Open-Source Casebook (CC BY-NC-SA)

This casebook is designed for a four-credit trademark course taught at NYU School of Law.


CALI (The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction) (CC BY-NC-SA)

CALI hosts and facilitates the creation of CALI Lessons, a library of over 1,000 interactive legal tutorials written by law professors and geared towards law students. In 2012, we began publishing open and free casebooks with our eLangdell® Press publishing wing.

Legal Information Institute (LII) (CC BY-NC-SA; also see Terms of Use)

A collection of US based resources about the law. LII is an independently funded project of the Cornell Law School

We are a small research, engineering, and editorial group housed at the Cornell Law School in Ithaca, NY. Our collaborators include publishers, legal scholars, computer scientists, government agencies, and other groups and individuals that promote open access to law, worldwide. Most of our publishing efforts go into producing and maintaining the extensive legal collections on this web site.


Fundamentals of Business Law (CC BY)

This book is an introductory survey of the legal topics required in undergraduate business law classes.

Trademark Law: An Open-Source Casebook (CC BY-NC-SA)

An open textbook on American Trademark Law that is in use at law schools across the United States.


O Say Can You See: Early Washington, D.C., Law & Family (CC BY-NC-SA)

This project explores multigenerational black, white, and mixed family networks in early Washington, D.C., by collecting, digitizing, making accessible, and analyzing thousands of case files from the Circuit Court for the District of Columbia, Maryland state courts, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

This chapter is adapted from American Law in OER by Discipline Directory by Edited by Lauri M. Aesoph and Josie Gray.


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