147 Neuroanatomy

Last update: Apr 30/21

Supplementary Materials

Virtual REACH Program 2020: Exploring Neuroscience and Neurotechnologies at Home (CC BY-NC-SA) by Dr. Kristen Clapper Bergsman and Dr. Eric H. Chudler

This book was developed and published by the Center for Neurotechnology at the University of Washington in 2020 for use by student participants in the Virtual REACH Program (VRP).


Foundations of Neuroscience (CC BY-NC-SA) by Casey Henley

This book is aimed at undergraduate students new to the field of neuroscience. The first edition specifically targets students enrolled in Neurobiology at Michigan State University and primarily contains topics covered in that course.

Psychology as a Biological Science (CC BY-NC-SA) by Robert Biswas-Diener, Portland State University and Ed Diener, Universities of Utah

This textbook provides standard introduction to psychology course content with a specific emphasis on biological aspects of psychology. This includes more content related to neuroscience methods, the brain and the nervous system.


This is a British Columbia created resource.Functional Neuroanatomy (CC BY-NC-SA) by various.

This website includes photographs, diagrams, illustrations, video tutorials, MRI scans, and 3D reconstructions of functionally important parts of the human brain.

The Brain from Top to Bottom This is a Canadian created resource(Copyleft) by various

An interactive website about the human brain and behaviour.

This chapter is adapted from Neuroanatomy in OER by Discipline Directory by Edited by Lauri M. Aesoph and Josie Gray.


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