85 Dentistry

Also see the Sask Polytechnic OER research guide for Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene.
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Dentistry-related resources [Excel file] (Various CC licences) by various

A list of dentistry-related resources with a number that are designed specifically for dental hygienists. Resources include textbooks, courses, videos, and more. This .pdf is downloaded on access.

Supplementary Materials

This is a Canadian created resourceOral Health Education Tool (CC BY-SA) by Dr. Maryam Sharifzadeh-Amin, Dr. Andrew Hoang

This is a series of four community health booklets on preventative dental care. The goal behind this collaborative initiative effort was to develop a culturally appropriate oral health educational tool for immigrant communities.

This chapter is adapted from Dentistry in OER by Discipline Directory by Edited by Lauri M. Aesoph and Josie Gray.


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