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Logistics and Supply Chain Management  (MIT Open CourseWare)  by Prof. David Simchi-Levi 

“This course surveys operations research models and techniques developed for a variety of problems arising in logistical planning of multi-echelon systems. There is a focus on planning models for production/inventory/distribution strategies in general multi-echelon multi-item systems. Topics include vehicle routing problems, dynamic lot sizing inventory models, stochastic and deterministic multi-echelon inventory systems, the bullwhip effect, pricing models, and integration problems arising in supply chain management. Probability and linear programming experience required.” – website


Logistics   (open access journal) Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Robert Handfield

“Logistics is an international, scientific, peer-reviewed, open access journal of logistics and supply chain management published quarterly online by MDPI.  Logistics (ISSN 2305-6290) is an original journal established for researchers and scholarly-oriented practitioners in the fields of logistics and supply chain management. The editors and editorial board members sought to provide a professional, efficient, and rigorously peer-reviewed journal providing an international forum for scientific advancement, intellectual exchange, and scholarly communications. The journal publishes quickly-refereed research articles and other scholarly contributions, including reviews and short notes, in an open access format, making them free to readers around the world. ” – website

Operations and Supply Chain Management Commons

Supply Chain Management Journal (open access journal) Editor in Chief: Virgil Popa, Professor Ph. D.


Beyond Lean: Simulation in Practice, Second Edition  (CC BY-NC-SA)  by  Charles R. Standridge, Grand Valley State University.

The Cost of Being Landlocked: Logistics Costs and Supply Chain Reliability  (CC-BY) by Arvis, Jean-François; Raballand, Gaël; Marteau, Jean-François.

“This open access book proposes a revised approach to tackling the cost of being landlocked and a new analytical framework which uses a microeconomic approach to assess the trade and macroeconomic impacts of logistics. It argues that: (i) exporters and importers in landlocked developing countries face high logistics costs, which are highly detrimental to their competitiveness in world markets, (ii) high logistics costs depend on low logistics reliability and predictability, and (iii) low logistics reliability and predictability result mostly from rent-seeking and governance issues (prone to proliferate in low volume environments).” – website

Database Design  (CC BY) by Adrienne Watt, City University

An introductory textbook that covers database systems and database design concepts. Includes: end-of-chapter exercises, sample ERD exercises, SQL lab with solution.


Fundamentals of Global Strategy (CC BY-NC-SA) by  Cornelis de Kluyver, University of Oregon.

“This book is comprehensive and covers the main points that need to be considered when establishing a global strategy for a business. The book would be suitable for a follow-on class after students have been introduced to the major business concepts (a follow-on to Introduction to Business for example). Its arrangement seems very logical and flows well from one topic to the next.” – website

Inventory Analytics  (CC-BY) by Roberto Rossi, University of Edinburgh

“Inventory Analytics provides an introduction to the theory and practice of inventory control. The book outlines the foundations of inventory systems and surveys prescriptive analytics models for deterministic inventory control. It further discusses predictive analytics techniques for demand forecasting in inventory control and also examines prescriptive analytics models for stochastic inventory control.” – website

Next Generation Supply Chains: A Roadmap for Research and Innovation  (CC-BY) Editors: Rosanna Fornasiero, Saskia Sardesai, Ana Cristina Barros and Aristides Matopoulos

“Part One of this open access text focuses on the identification of the trends and related industrial scenarios for the next decade and the analysis of the implications for the Supply Chain (SC) processes and the consequent challenges. Part Two identifies the enabling technologies for SCs. Finally, Part Three presents the roadmap for future SCs proposing 10 SCs strategies and the related research and innovation priorities for the full integration of the production and distribution processes; moreover, in this part policy recommendations are provided to support companies facing cross-sectorial and horizontal issues through suitable policy actions.” – website

Warehouse & Distribution Science (Open (Access)) by John Bartholdi and Steven Hackman of Georgia Tech. Available from Merlot II.

“The focus of this book is the science of how to design, operate and manage warehouse facilities. The authors emphasize the building of detailed mathematical and computer models that capture the economics of the management of space and labor. The goal of this approach is to give managers and engineers the tools to make their operations successful.”–website


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