72 Thermodynamics / Thermal Power Plant

Last update: Feb. 13/23


This is a British Columbia created resource.Sim Labs for Thermodynamics and Thermal Power Plant Simulator (CC BY) by Serhat Beyenir & Sanja Boskovic

This Simulator laboratory (SIMLAB) book was created to provide ancillary resources for Thermodynamics and Thermal Power Plant Simulator courses. It is intended to act as a collection of exercises to help students merge the theory covered in the classroom with the practice performed in the labs.


Introduction to Engineering Thermodynamics (CC-BY-SA) by Claire Yu Yan

This open book is written with a goal to support students’ learning of fundamental concepts and engineering applications of classical thermodynamics. It features concise explanations of key concepts, step-by-step solutions to engineering examples, and interactive practice problems. The book is most suitable for a one-term, introductory engineering thermodynamics course at the undergraduate level. It may also be used as self-learning materials or a supplement to other thermodynamics books.

Power Plant Systems & Controls (Copyright) by kkcambrian

This copyrighted  Pressbook textbook provides information on fuel systems; water, steam and wastewater systems; measurement and control components and instrumentation and control systems and includes many H5P activities.

This chapter is adapted from Thermodynamics / Thermal Power Plant in OER by Discipline Directory by Edited by Lauri M. Aesoph and Josie Gray.


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