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Miranda Walston


Last update: May 3/24

Case Studies

Critical Employment, Ethical, and Legal Scenarios in Human Resource Development: (CC BY-NC-SA ) by Claretha Hughes

This book provides mini-cases for HRD and other disciplines to use for engaging students in incident discussions. Exploring ways to solve problems and make decisions about situations that occur at work.


Human Resource Management  from the University of Minnesota

Teaches HR theories and strategies to a variety of management professionals who need to know how to recruit, train, and compensate people. As of January 2024, this resource has had 1.5 million page views, 719,000 visitors and 40,000 downloads.

This is a British Columbia created resource. People Learning and Development: Transforming people and organizations through learning (CC BY-NC) by Monica Affleck

This guide serves as an interactive resource for HR/business management students, HR professionals, and anyone involved in employee development at work. Developing a skilled workforce is top of mind for today’s organizations. The world as we know it is changing and so are our workplaces.

Strategic Project Management for Human Resources  (CC BY-NC-SA ) by Debra Patterson

Designed to learn about project management from a human resources perspective; describes processes and applications, and roles of the team in implementing these processes; designed to help students understand and apply the knowledge and skills learned about projects and people.

Workplace Role Play Scenarios (CC BY-NC) by Dr Sarah Steen

This book has been designed to provide a range of workplace scenarios that can be utilised for experiential learning covering difficult conversations, negotiation and mediation. The scenarios provide learners with the opportunity to engage in different role-plays and provide learners with the opportunity to reflect on their experience with reflective questions.

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