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Last update: Sept 6/22


      Technical Writing for Technicians  by Will Fleming  (CC BY-ND)

Technical Writing for CTE covers the processes and fundamentals of writing field-specific technical documents, including organization and development, audience analysis, diction and style, writing mechanics and standard usage, and the editing, proofing, and revising process required for successful workplace writing. The course focuses on writing workplace documents commonly written by technicians: emails, descriptions, customer intake documents, project closeout documentation, bad news messages, instructions, summaries, accident reports, and employment docs (resumes and cover letters), etc.


   Layout Procedures for Metals  by Marc Rose (CC BY)

This booklet will lay out step by step procedures and how they can aid a crafts-person to build templates to build both simple and complicated fabricated parts. Types of materials that can be used with these templates is a combination of flat sheet and round tube our pipe.


   Basic Blueprint Reading by Ric Costin  (CC by)

This is an entry level blueprint reading book written for the first year welding student. The book will be used in the first term of a two year welding program to familiarize the student to sketching and reading blueprints.

   Interpretation of Metal Fab Drawings by Cameren Moran (CC by)

Interpreting metal fab drawings is a course that introduces the principles of interpretation and application of industrial fabrication drawings. Basic principles and techniques of metal fabrication are introduced by planning and construction of fixtures used in fabrication from drawings. Basic tools and equipment for layout fitting of welded fabrications are utilized. Covers the use and application of the AWS welding symbols. This course will utilize blueprints and welding symbols and will apply them in classroom and in shop as practical assignments. 


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