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BC Campus Sheet Metal Textbooks  (Varies) by Brian Coey, Camosun College

Pattern Development: Sheet Metal Level 1 by Brian Coey, Camosun College (CC BY)

This book covers all three forms of layout as well as geometric construction. It introduces the learner to the techniques used in parallel line, radial line, and triangulation. With videos and animations, the learner has an opportunity to play, pause, and rewind as they practice these techniques. This book covers material required for a level 1 sheet metal apprentice (Line E). (Updated: Mar 23, 2022)

Sheet Metal Level 2-Pattern Development  (CC-BY) by Brian Coey, Camosun College

In Level 2 we will expand on previously learned processes in parallel line and radial line as well as a new technique in triangulation, developing pattern from elevation view instead of plan view. We will use the difference in profile method for triangulating from elevation view. We must recall terms from level 1 like element line and profile, a strong understanding of these is essential for the difference of profile method.


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