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A Modular, HyFlex Course in Digital Media and Marketing Communications (CC BY) by Will Thurber, Lilly Buchwitz and Robert Rock

This course from Ecampus Ontario  uses the marketing funnel as a guide to illustrate how marketing goals and objectives change as the audience for the marketing communications changes because of their increased knowledge from marketing communications. Each module has an editable PowerPoint Presentation, an interactive Nearpod lesson, a reading list, a resources list and sets of multiple-choice questions.

Introduction to Marketing (CC BY) Curated and Designed by Scott van Dyk

Throughout this course, you will work on a business idea that you will generate based upon your interests. To do so, you must think about what you can do or sell to make extra money. You must follow these basic restrictions for your idea. Throughout this course, you will be referring to this business but you will not have to actually create this business. When your business idea is mentioned throughout your course, treat it as a mock business.


Be Credible (CC BY-NC) by Peter Bobkowski and Karna Younger

This book teaches college-level journalism and strategic communication students to become information experts.

Customer Insights, Second Edition (CC BY-NC) by Dr Aila Khan; Dr Munir Hossain; and Dr Sabreena Amin

This textbook is based on materials sourced from different practitioners from the world of research design, data collection, analysis, and interpretation. The author and her collaborators have also added materials to supplement the available literature.

This is a Canadian created resourceEMarketing by Dionne Solomons, Tania Kliphuis and Michelle Wadley ( CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0)

This textbook intended for third and fourth year marketing students and draws on both academic theory and practical experience. The book offers students information that is applicable to the eMarket industry by providing examples that are easily relatable. The book covers all of the important aspects of online marketing. The 6th edition was written by Rob Stokes and published by Red and Yellow. A .pdf version is available.

This is a Canadian created resourceThe Evolving World of Public Relations (CC BY) by NSCC and Rosemary Martinelli

From Nova Scotia Community College, for PREL 2166 course.

Foundations in Digital Marketing (CC-BY) by Rochelle Grayson

The book covers fundamental frameworks, practical applications, and online tools that can all be applied to build and execute a cohesive and engaging digital marketing strategy. The book covers the fundamental aspects of digital marketing, including areas such as: visual storytelling, design principles and frameworks, search engine optimization and marketing, website and landing page optimization, content marketing, content creation tools and technologies, paid advertising, social media marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, attribution, conversion rate optimization, data and marketing analytics, and the future of digital marketing.

This is a Canadian created resourceGlobal Marketing in a Digital World (CC BY-NC-SA) by Lina Manuel

Global Marketing in A Digital World offers students the principles and framework that firms use when selling their products and services around the world. In a technologically advanced world, digital marketing becomes a crucial part in the success of companies going global. Topics include an introduction to global marketing; the economic, political, social, and cultural environment; global market planning; competing in a global marketplace; global market entry modes; global products; global pricing; global distribution; global promotion; the global marketing plan; creating a global brand; introduction to e-commerce; and emerging technology. PowerPoint slides are available for each chapter in this book.

This is a British Columbia created resource.Indigenous Businesses in the BC Interior: Case Studies in Marketing (CC BY-NC) by Dr. Biggi Weischedel and TRU Open Learning

This compilation of Indigenous Business Case Studies, focusing on the BC Interior, explores marketing challenges and approaches of a variety of indigenous-owned businesses. The authors had the opportunity to have conversations with the business owners and feel honoured to have been trusted with information and data to put this collection together. Within this collection, we present case studies that can be used in various marketing and management courses.

Principles of Marketing – H5P edition (CC-BY-NC-SA)  by [Author removed at request of original publisher]

This textbook teaches the experience and process of actually doing marketing – not just the vocabulary. It carries five dominant themes throughout in order to expose students to marketing in today’s environment: Service dominant logic, sustainability, ethics and social responsibility, global coverage, and metrics. This text includes over 75 interactive H5P activities.

Principles of Marketing  by Open STAX. (CC-BY)

Principles of Marketing is designed to meet the scope and sequence for a one-semester marketing course for undergraduate business majors and minors. Principles of Marketing provides a solid grounding in the core concepts and frameworks of marketing theory and analysis so that business students interested in a major or minor in marketing will also be prepared for more rigorous, upper-level elective courses. Concepts are further reinforced through detailed, diverse, and realistic company and organization scenarios and examples from various industries and geographical locations. To illuminate the meaningful applications and implications of marketing ideas, the book incorporates a modern approach providing connections between topics, solutions, and real-world problems. Principles of Marketing is modular, allowing flexibility for courses with varied learning outcomes and coverage.

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