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Accounting & Finance (Licences vary) by COT Education

A collection of open textbooks on topics relating to accounting and finance.

Corporate Finance (CC BY) by Kenneth Bigel

This comprehensive guide covers the three fundamental topics in Corporate Finance, including Capital Budgeting under Certainty, Capital Structure Theory, and Short-term Financial Management and Operating Leverage. In-depth explanations of topics and terms are provided as well as key illustration in the manner of problem sets and solutions, tables, and diagrams. Review problems are also included so that students can conduct self-assessments.

Financial Empowerment (CC-NC-SA) Author(s):Bettina Schneider

The purpose of the this textbook adaptation is to take an accessible, student-focused, personal finance textbook from the United States and make it affordable and relevant for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada. While many mainstream Canadian personal finance texts provide excellent content in terms of the mechanics of personal finance, they are expensive and not always relevant to the values and experiences of students in the classroom. Many mainstream personal finance texts fall short for Indigenous Canadians and non-Indigenous Canadians alike because they do not speak to the varied backgrounds, knowledge systems, and experiences of their readers. This textbook was adapted in order to motivate a broad range of students to learn about personal finance.

Financial Management for Small Businesses: Financial Statements & Present Value Models (CC BY) by Lindon Robison; Steven Hanson; and J. Roy Black

This book is for those whose financial management focus is on small businesses. For you, we adapt the traditional financial management themes emphasized in corporate financial management courses to meet the needs of small businesses.

Financial Strategy for Public Managers (CC BY) by Sharon Kioko and Justin Marlowe

A new generation textbook for financial management in the public sector. It offers a thorough, applied, and concise introduction to the essential financial concepts and analytical tools that today’s effective public servants need to know.

Introduction to Financial Analysis (CC BY) by Kenneth S. Bigel

The guide incorporates the essential skills needed to build a foundation in Financial Analysis. Students and readers will learn how to insightfully read a Financial Statement, utilize key financial ratios in order to derive forward-looking investment-related inferences from the accounting data, engage in elementary forecasting and modeling, master the theory of the Time Value of Money, and learn to price stocks and bonds in an environment in which interest rates constantly change. Ample problems and solutions, and review questions are provided.

Liquidity, Markets and Trading in Action: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (CC BY) by Authors: Deniz Ozenbas ,  Michael S. Pagano , Robert A. Schwartz , Bruce W. Weber

This book addresses four standard business school subjects: microeconomics, finance, macroeconomics, and information systems as they relate to trading, liquidity, transaction costs, and market structure.

Principles of Finance  (CC BY 4.0) by Julie Dahlquist, Rainford Knight, Alan S. Adams,Curtis J. Bacon, Samantha T. Cooper, Michael P. Griffin, Kevin C. Higgins, Larry Musolino.

This book provides a strong foundation in financial applications using an innovative use-case approach to explore their role in business decision-making. An array of financial calculator and downloadable Microsoft Excel data exercises also engage students in experiential learning throughout. With flexible integration of technical instruction and data, this title prepares students for current practice and continual evolution.

This chapter is adapted from Finance in OER by Discipline Directory by Edited by Lauri M. Aesoph and Josie Gray.


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