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Date Part Chapter Type of resource (# added)
Jan/24 General collections Multimedia-collections Videos (1)
Jan/24 Computers Artificial Intelligence Textbooks (2)
Jan/24 Academic Success Academic success Collection (1)
Jan/24 Computer Science Information Systems Textbooks (1)
Jan/24 Earth and Ocean Environmental Eng. Textbooks (1)
Jan/24 Education Education -General Textbooks (1)
Jan/24 Education Education Technology Textbooks (1)
Jan/24 Education K-12 Textbooks (1)
Jan/24 Fine Art Fashion Textbooks (1)
Jan/24 Health Science Health and Medical – General Textbooks (1)
Jan/24 Math Math Textbooks (1)
Jan/24 Science Anatomy and Physiology Textbooks (1)
Jan/24 Science Biology Textbooks (1)
Jan/24 Science Chemistry Textbooks (1)
Jan/24 Interdisciplinary Sustainability Textbooks (1)
Jan/24 Education Digital Education Textbooks – (18)
Jan/24 Hospitality Professional Cook Textbooks – (8)
Jan/24 Transportation Automotive Collections (1)
Feb/24 General Multimedia and Tool Collections Videos (1)
Feb/24 Health Science Nursing Textbook (1)
Feb/24 Humanities History Primary Source (1)
Feb/24 Languages English Language Learning Textbook (1)
Feb/24 Human Services Education – General Textbook (1)
Feb/24 Interdisciplinary Citation New page
Feb/24 Health Science Fertility New page
Feb/24 Academic / Career Success Academic Success Textbooks (2)
Feb/24 Communications Communications Textbook (1)
Feb/24 Health Science General Textbook (1)
Feb/24 Engineering General Textbook (1)


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